2-component system for
manufacture of synthetic nails




2-component system for
manufacture of synthetic nails

30 ml

Nail prosthetics is renewal, repair, correction, addition and protection of toenails. It was invented and patented by Josef Greppmayr in 1954.

Today, two different methods are available to cover a virtually unlimited range of treatment. With the UNGUISAN® Classic Start-Set you get everything you need with your practical equipment and your podological expertise to get into this fascinating working technique.


Find out more about the Unguisan® plate prosthetics or the “casting in-situ” technique for the production of artificial toenails:




With the plate prosthetics, you can make artificial toenails that are similar in color, shape and texture to natural nails. This prostheticshas a great therapeutic benefit because it makes it possible to positively influence the shape of the entire nail organ.

Casting in-situ


The Unguisan mass of powder and liquid hardener is mixed and applied to achieve the right consistency with the spatula and shaped for the casting in-situ process. This method is suitable especially for minor repairs or partial additions to the nail plate.