Our nails need special care like our skin. A variety of influences can cause changes in nails, discomfort and pain. Through regular care and mindfulness you can prevent it.


Our nails are relatively unpretentious, but without care it does not work. In addition to the right nail cut, nails need  enough nutrients and vitamins for healthy growth.

For a smooth and glossy nail surface, you can supply your toenails as well as fingernails by regularly applying the Unguisan Nailcare nail-care pen or concentrate with the necessary nutrients. In addition, you can protect fungus-sensitive nails.


Too small or too tight shoes are a torture for your nails. Continious pressure and repeated microtrauma lead on long sight to injuries and damage. Elastic, breathable footwear relieves the nails and ensures a pleasant running feeling.

Painted nails look is nice, but a permanent layer of lacquer, as well as removing the lacque with aggressive substances mean stress for the nail plate and can harm them. Allow your nails breaks for rest and recovery regularly. 

Excessive care

Cuticle is no annoying appendage it has an im-portant function: It pro-tects nail root and nail fold like a seal from pollu-tion and contamination. Even the slightest injuries can quickly lead to infec-tions that are associated with inflammation and pain.

Instead of removing the cuticles massive, it's much better to care them regularly. The Unguisan Nailcare nail care cream softened and suppled cuticles. This is not only pleasant, it also looks more beautiful again.


Our physical being is reflected also in our nails. Unbalanced diet, nutri-tional deficiencies, stress and systemic diseases can lead to changes in the nails. Experienced internists give the state of the nails great importance in the physical investigation.

Provide the body with sufficient vitamins and minerals, exercises for an excited metabolism as well as relaxation and enough sleep help to keep health - even of our nails - up to the old age.