Gel in syringe


Light curing gel for
nail modellage und fixiation


High Power-LED Lamp



for hardening the
UNGUISAN® Blue Light Gel

In the case of problems with ingrown toenails, podiatrists nowadays use so-called correction braces. These braces must be fastened to the nail plate to prevent accidental loss. With the UNGUISAN® Blue Light System, this process is significantly accelerated and simplified. Latest LED technology and the special dosing syringe save time and nerves and fixing all kinds of wire braces becomes a childs play.

1. Presice application of gel with the syringe



2. Just 20 sec. hardening time

Ready! Fast and
long lasting fixation
of nail braces!

The most impotant benefits:

only  2 instruments needed (Lamp-Syringe)
  only 20 sec. hardening time with 1,3 Watt
  HIGHPERFOMANCE-LED Lamp (battery powered)

1 syringe for up to 100 applications
   no unneeded rest of material

Blue-Light instead of dangerous UV-radiation

precise application
   no further instruments needed

no annoying smell